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PostgreSQL connection errors from mapred

New Contributor


I have a lot of PosgreSQL connection errors:

cat postgresql.log | tail -100


time=2017-06-15 18:33:15.839 UTC  appl=[unknown]  user=mapred  db=ambarirca  remote=  proc=6393  cmd=authentication  session=5942d2e9.18f9  session_line=1session_ts=2017-06-15
18:33:13 UTC 
vtrx=37/51960  trx=0sqlstate=00000 msg=LOG: 
pam_authenticate failed: Authentication failure

I use HDP 2.5. The database ambarirca doesn't exist in my environment.

In the following thread, @yusaku mentions that the database should not be used:

Something still tries to use this database. How can I fix it?

Thank you,



New Contributor

Hi Luc,

we have the same issue here, using HDP 2.5.3;

In postgres logs we have;

< 2017-08-11 10:00:13.732 CEST >FATAL: role "mapred" does not exist
< 2017-08-11 10:05:17.225 CEST >FATAL: role "mapred" does not exist

In pgpool logs we get the matching connection;

2017-08-11 09:59:30: pid 59642: DETAIL: connecting host=localhost port=53936

And it turns out that ... proc_rangeradmin is at the source of this .. looks very strange, as we have checked all ranger parameters and did not see any occurence of "mapred" user there ..

# lsof :53936 java 44878 ranger 42u IPv6 215296569 0t0 TCP localhost:53936->localhost:9999 (ESTABLISHED) pgpool 59642 postgres 8u IPv4 215296570 0t0 TCP localhost:9999->localhost:53936 (ESTABLISHED)

|-java,44878 -Dproc_rangeradmin -Dlogdir=/var/log/ranger/admin-Dcatalina.base=/usr/hdp/2.5