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Pre-warmed tez container


Pre-warmed tez container


Most of cases, Tez session needs to be re-opened when ODBC client accesses hive table via API. The session initialization takes about 10-15 seconds.

Changed this setting from false to true and response time from web was improved:

hive.server2.tez.initialize.default.sessions = true;

However, after the change, query executions lost parallelism: observed one Tez session running blocks others. (session per queue is set to be 1)

My recommendations:

  • set hive.server2.tez.default.queues=default
  • set hive.server2.tez.sessions.per.default.queue=3
  • set hive.server2.tez.initialize.default.sessions=true
  • set hive.prewarm.enabled=true
  • set hive.prewarm.numcontainers=2
  • set
  • set hive.server2.enable.doAs=false
  • set
  • set

My question is: Can we

(a) create more queues and have 1 default session per queue or

(b) leave the default queue as is and create 3 sessions per queue?

Which is a better approach?




Re: Pre-warmed tez container

Expert Contributor

How is your yarn queue setup? Can 'default' accept more than one job at a time?