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Presto + how to tune the java heap size in clusters


Presto + how to tune the java heap size in clusters

we installed the presto in hadoop cluster ( ambari cluster with 24 data node machines )

the presto installed on the datanode machines ( presto worker machines )

and on one machine we installed the presto coordinator ( master machine )

the default Presto configuration for Java heap size is like this


so the default java heap size is 16G

but our worker nodes have 128G RAM per node that server production mode

and 32G RAM that server LAB mode

and 64G for medium mode

so I want to set the Java heap size for presto for both configuration - LAB and Production and medium mode

please advice how to set the Xmx values for all configuration - LAB / Production and medium

I also need to know the Java heap size because Presto documentation

say that

Recommend setting query.max-memory-per-node to half of the JVM config max memory, though if your workload is highly concurrent, you may want to use a lower value for query.max-memory-per-node

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