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Problem configure UpdateAttribute to RouteOnAttribute

Rising Star

I want to pass files from ftp to hdfs, using following flow


i want my UpdateAttribute parse the flowfile along with to attributes (variables )

I have configured by adding properties, i did try to create a rule and set condition and attributes either way it did not match


when it reach the RouteOnAttribute the filename INCOMING.D170322 should match my expression and parse on to fetchFtp but i doesn't


Any suggestions to why i not getting any match in my RouteOnAttribute


Re: Problem configure UpdateAttribute to RouteOnAttribute


Simon it looks like you have a single quotes around the value of 'FileStartWith' attribute. If you look at the attributes of the flow files that were routed to the 'unmatched' relationship I think you'd see values of something like "'INCOMING.D'170322" not "INCOMING.D170322". If you remove the quotes I think it should work as expected. Also, your attribute for date doesn't seem to be valid EL. It looks like you are missing a closing bracket.