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Problem due to period (DOT) in column name (Apache Pig)


Problem due to period (DOT) in column name (Apache Pig)

New Contributor



I am new to Apache PIG. I am trying to load a parquet file in PIG. The schema of the parquet file looks like this:

message events {

  optional binary d.ingestor.year;

  optional binary d.ingestor.month;

  optional binary;



Then, I try to load it in as follows:

A = LOAD '/tmp/myFiles/' USING parquet.pig.ParquetLoader('d.ingestor.month: chararray');


I get an error due to the period in the column name.


mismatched input '.' expecting EOF


I also tried the following but got the same error:

A = LOAD '/tmp/myFiles/' USING parquet.pig.ParquetLoader();

B = FOREACH A GENERATE $1 as month;



I tried escaping the '.' with '\' and '\\' but to no avail.


Please let me know if you a workaround. Thanks!