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Problem in CDH5.4.1 (in CentOS 6.7)


Problem in CDH5.4.1 (in CentOS 6.7)

New Contributor
Hi, everyone. I have a problem and really need help.
I deployed Hadoop2.6.0-CDH5.4.1 on my CentOS. When I use Eclipse to build up a map-reduce solution and import classes from Hadoop, I find .jar files which under "~/Hadoop/lib/" in previous version like Hadoop1.2.1 is gone. Where can I find these .jar files again?

Re: Problem in CDH5.4.1 (in CentOS 6.7)

Master Collaborator
The files you're looking for are probably under /usr/lib/hadoop (or similar
directories) if you used packages to deploy, or
/opt/cloudera/parcels/CDH/lib/hadoop if you used parcels to deploy.