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Problem with Documentation for HA Services with Knox

Problem with Documentation for HA Services with Knox

Expert Contributor

May be the official documentation for Knox Services with HA found here is wrong?:

Specifically I had problems making this work for the case of HBase were it states that the service role is "HBASE" but after debugging and looking at the services definitions under "/usr/hdp/current/knox-server/data/services" I found out that there is no service definition with that role name.

The HBase related services there are in the folder "/hbase/0.98.0" with role name "WEBHBASE" and in "/hbaseui/1.1.0/service.xml" with role name "HBASEUI". After setting these values Knox is working as expected.

Please confirm if this is right (and in this case correct the documentation) or I should use a role name different from the ones configured in sevices.xml for HA

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