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Problem with Hortonwors Sandbox with VMware

New Contributor

I downloaded HDP on VMware . The starting page says "To initiate Hortonworks Sandbox session, open a browser to this address. When I type IP adreess in browser,it says problem in loading page


Hi @Chandrashekhar Jere ,

CAn you please share a screen shot of the issue you are facing.

additionally, you can go through this doc which will help you understand port forwarding in vmware :

New Contributor

Hi Akhil , here are the screen shots of hortonworks sandbox and error from browser sand-box-screenshot.pngerror-on-browser.png

New Contributor

I'm having the same issue, i tried

1. Cannot load the welcome page

2. ssh root@<ssh-ip-address> => connection timeout

Please help, thax

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