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Problem with Hue

Problem with Hue

New Contributor

Hi Guys!!

I am facing a strange issue in HUE that while exporting query result from HUE to EXCEL or CSV format , question symbol (?) comes as data in downloaded file for some columns which is having Varchar as datatype but actual data in table is empty in oracle.


Issue Description -
Here, I am importing a table from oracle to pipe(|) delimited HDFS file( via sqoop import) and loading this file to hive external tables.Now I am querying the table to view data in HUE web interface and results of the query contains perfect data as the actual one i.e the empty fields of table in oracle are shown as empty in HUE web interface and HIVE console and HDFS file but exporting these results into excel or csv format converts the empty fields to question symbol(?) and occurence of this is same as length of column.

The HDFS file also looks fine.


Can any one help me with this 



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