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Problems extracting Mongo data to insert into PostgreSQl

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Problems extracting Mongo data to insert into PostgreSQl

Hello people. I started using NiFi less than 1 week ago.
I have already made some advances but have come across a problem in which I am not finding a solution.

We have a LOG table that is stored in MongoDB and we need to extract Mongo data to put in Postgres.

We did several tests, of which:
- When I try to extract JSON files from Mongo, it generates numerous equal files (containing the same content);
- When I try to integrate MongoDb into Postgres, the same thing happens, it repeats the same record over and over.

In NiFi, I have used so far (in different processes):
1 - GetMongoDB => PutFile (to generate files)
2 - GetFile => PutDatabaseRecord (to read file and store in database)
3 - GetMongoDb => PutDatabaseRecord (To read from Mongo and store in Postgres)

In neither attempt did I get a good result.

And there is one more detail, which is the most important now.
If I try to insert Mongo pro Postgres I can only do it if I play the file structure that is in MONGO.

This is a problem for me because I wanted to take all the Mongo array {} and store it as a String for example.

Has anyone had a problem similar to this that could help me?


@EduSantana This seems to be more of a problem with MongoDb and less of a problem concerning the use of Nifi. If that's true, your question would be better handled on the slack community for MongoDb.


Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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