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Problems with HDF cluster and provenance repository


I have a HDF cluster, 1 ambari server and 3 Nifi nodes. Some days ago, the cluster shutted down automatically. Reviewing the logs, find this error Provenance Repository Rollover Thread-1, NoSuchFileException: /usr/hdf/current/nifi/conf/sensitive.key. After reviewing in the 3 nodes, can't find the file. We stopped the service, restarted, not work. Restarted one by one, node 1 fine, node 2 fine, node 3 fine, shut down node 1, after a while node 2 too. We found some answers in forum and applied the propose solution, worked for a day, today the service is down again. Any clues?



@Diego A Labrador

Are you still seeing an issue with your cluster? If so, would you provide the nifi-app.log for the nodes not restarting?

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