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Process a file first and then others (Wait and Notify)

Process a file first and then others (Wait and Notify)


Please help!

I'm reading three types of files thru ListFtp, for example:




I need to process the "TIT" file in first place. I need to read the data and insert the data to a table. After all the inserts finish I must process the "SEG" and "ASE" files.

I'm using wait and notify using fragment.count and fragment.identifier and it works, but I can´t connect Wait to ListFTP to get the files SEG and POS again, because ListFTP doesn't have entry point, it always runs in parallel.

I put a second wait to control the flow that process "SEG" and "ASE" files, the but it has no way of knowing fragment.count and fragment.identifier.

I am attaching an image that explains the problem.

Thanks in advance!


Wait configuration.


Notify configuration


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