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ProcessSession create is creating non-empty FlowFile

New Contributor

I'm writing a Nifi processor that has no input streams, but creates multiple output files on a single (success) queue. It's reading data from a database and sending it along with some additional processing files to tell other processors down the line how to interpret that data. I'm seeing some odd behaviour in Nifi, however. I have a small flowfile being generated from a ProcessSession.create and a write of "{}". That works as expected. However, the next ProcessSession.create and write has a non-empty FlowFile being passed that has the same content as the previous FlowFile that was generated - i.e. a write of [ some stuff ] results in a FlowFile with a content of "{}[ some stuff ]'.

I am really not sure what's going on here (this is in Nifi 1.4.0) or if I should be doing something else before calling create again. I'm hoping it's something simple like that - I'm not sure otherwise how I would accomplish this.

Does anyone have any ideas?