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Processor has no capabilities, cannot create an ACID table.

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I am creating a Managed table in Hive using HiveMetastoreClient in java and getting below exception,


MetaException(message:Processor has no capabilities, cannot create an ACID table.)

I have verified the hivemetastore.log and observed that because the processorId and processorCapabilities are null above exception is thrown from "org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.MetastoreDefaultTransformer.transformCreateTable() function" 

Can someone help me out on how to fix this issue?? I have tried to set the property  hive.metastore.client.capability.check=false in hivemetastore-site.xml file and restarted the Hivemetastore service but it didn't resolve the issue. What should be the value of this property "hive.metastore.client.capabilities" ???