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Protegrity Avatar for HDInsight

New Contributor

Can we somehow use the Protegrity Avatar, for all its features like data masking and tokenization etc, with Azure HDInsight cluster?



@Sushant Pandey

Yes these are some of the features

  • Protect and unprotect field-level data using policy-based tokenization with MapReduce, Hive, Pig, and HBase
  • Restrict data access from unauthorized users
  • How Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization can enable seamless, usable and secure data in Hortonworks Data Platform.

See documentation

New Contributor

Thanks for your response @Geoffrey Shelton Okot. I am in particular looking for the use of this tool with HDInsight and not the Hortonworks sandbox which is available at Market place.


@Sushant Pandey
HDInsights is just HDP on windows offering the big data analytics platform on the Azure cloud service.

Its managed cloud Hadoop offering using Hortonworks. I haven't come across an implementation on HDInsights.

You can try a solution like Dataguise already available on HDInsights.

But I still think Protegrity Avatar should work on HDInsights apart from HDP it's certified and works on Cloudera,Pivotal,MapR and IBM.

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Thank you @Geoffrey Shelton Okot. I am good with this as of now. Currently i dont have much time to explore whether it will work with HDInsight or not but surely when i get some i will check.

Anyone if worked with HDInsight & Protegrity Avatar, please do send me your notes.

New Contributor

Hi Sushant,

Avatar is tested on HDP sandbox only. Sandbox could be on-prem or in cloud.

Please download Avatar from Protegrity website and review the installation instructions on how to install Protegrity JARs on single Hadoop node using Ambari. Protegrity offers enterprise wide ( mainframe to big data and beyond, on-prem and in cloud ) fine grained tokenization along with masking and encryption to meet your sensitive data protection need. It is built on the foundation of key/certification management and separation of duty in full force.

Please reach out to Protegrity directly if you have questions and also help understand your complete use case.