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Proxy container not available (Ubuntu 19:04)

Proxy container not available (Ubuntu 19:04)

New Contributor

I'm deployed HDP 3.0.1 with docker on my vm (HyperV/Windows10; Ubuntu 19:04) but have not been able to see any trace of the proxy container or access hortonworks in the browser.
Docker ps
5461a669d516 hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1 "/usr/sbin/init" 46 seconds ago Up 44 seconds 22/tcp, 4200/tcp, 8080/tcp sandbox-hdp

As the list of port-to-port mapping is missing I assumed that the issue is with the proxy container though the installation log does not raise an issue.

Is the problem indeed with the proxy container? Can I fix that without going through the docker deployment again?

Installation log:
+ registry=hortonworks
+ name=sandbox-hdp
+ version=3.0.1
+ proxyName=sandbox-proxy
+ proxyVersion=1.0
+ flavor=hdp
+ echo hdp
+ mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/conf.d
+ mkdir -p sandbox/proxy/
+ docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
3.0.1: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-hdp
Digest: sha256:7b767af7b42030fb1dd0f672b801199241e6bef1258e3ce57361edb779d95921
Status: Image is up to date for hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
+ docker pull hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0
1.0: Pulling from hortonworks/sandbox-proxy
Digest: sha256:42e4cfbcbb76af07e5d8f47a183a0d4105e65a1e7ef39fe37ab746e8b2523e9e
Status: Image is up to date for hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0
+ [ hdp == hdf ] 28: [: hdp: unexpected operator
+ [ hdp == hdp ] 30: [: hdp: unexpected operator
+ docker images
+ grep hortonworks/sandbox-hdp
+ awk {print $2}
+ version=3.0.1
+ docker network create cda
+ docker run --privileged --name sandbox-hdp -h --network=cda --network-alias= -d hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:3.0.1
+ echo Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait
Remove existing postgres run files. Please wait
+ sleep 2
+ docker exec -t sandbox-hdp sh -c rm -rf /var/run/postgresql/*; systemctl restart postgresql-9.6.service;
+ sed s/sandbox-hdp-security/sandbox-hdp/g assets/
+ mv -f assets/ assets/
+ chmod +x assets/
+ assets/
+ grep MINGW
+ uname
+ chmod +x sandbox/proxy/
+ sandbox/proxy/


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