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PutHDFS - URI syntax exception


PutHDFS - URI syntax exception



I am newbie when it comes to NIFI . My cluster is managed by Cloudera manager .

I am trying to do simple poc - for checking duplicates files .

I am getting Java.lang.illegal.ArugumentException . URISyntaxException .

When I looked into the data provenance - I am seeing a . (dot) infront of my filename . I really dont know where I am wrong.

could anyone help me out this .

First Image has the error screenshot

Second Image has the update Attribute - Configuration details.


Re: PutHDFS - URI syntax exception

Hi @Guna sun,

I think the problem is with the format of the date you add to the filename using the expression language. You could use:


If you want a unix timestamp. If you want a specific format, you can do:


Hope this helps.

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