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PutHiveQL NullpointerException in the NIFI

New Contributor

Hi , I am using latest hdf 3.x and nifi 1.2. I am trying to load the file into hdfs and then to hive table.

PutHiveQL is always throwing error something similar

cannot be started because it is not valid: '' is invalid because Failed to run validation due to java.lang.NullPointerException


I added 3 file location to the conf resources ( hdfs-site.xml, core-site.xml and hive-site.xml). Can anyone help me on this?

I am trying to load the data from hdfs to hive.

Step 1: GetFile

Step 2: PutHDFS

Step 3 : Replace Text . I added the hql in the replacement value ( create table nifi_test.clms (id int, name string) CLUSTERED BY(id) INTO 3 BUCKETS STORED AS ORC tblproperties("transactional"="true") LOCATION '${absolute.hdfs.path}';)

Step 4) PutHiveQL

All the above three steps are successful. Error is showing up in the Step 4.

If anyone provide one example, that would be great.



Re: PutHiveQL NullpointerException in the NIFI

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@Balu sorry you're running into this. This is an issue that was addressed in Apache NiFi 1.4.0 (HDF 3.1). NIFI-4295 is the JIRA for it. If you upgrade to the newest version of HDF, you should be in good shape.