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PutHiveStreaming with null timestamp values


PutHiveStreaming with null timestamp values

I have the target field type in hive as timestamp and from the source I get the json that has either proper timestamp field or "" or null sometimes. I am converting the source JsonToAvro before using PutHiveStreaming processor. The records with proper timestamp format gets into my hive target table successfully. But those that with ""/null (Empty String set) values show the error - Illegal format. Timestamp format should be" YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS[.fffffffff] ". I know if I can default it to some date when it is null/empty, it works.But I do not want that. I want it to be as null in my target table when it is null. How can I achieve this?


Re: PutHiveStreaming with null timestamp values

New Contributor

Hi John,

I saw your response on stack overflow:

"We got around this problem by adjusting the schema before calling puthivestreaming, though I think it was better if puthivestreaming handled empty string values for timestamp fields. Anyways, here is the sample avro schema that am using { "type": "record", "name": "Test_Schema", "fields":[ {"name" :"id", "type" : ["string","null"]}, {"name" :"record_date", "type" : ["string","null"]}, {"name" :"operation", "type" : ["string","null"]} ] }"

How did you adjust the schema?


Re: PutHiveStreaming with null timestamp values

Hello Jackson,

This is how we did it.


create UpdateAttribute with the following three attributes - schemaStart, schemaEndTags, recordDateSchemaElement

schemaStart ---> { "type": "record", "name": "Test_Schema", "fields":[ {"name" :"id", "type" : ["string","null"]}, {"name" :"operation", "type" : ["string","null"]}

schemaEndTags ---> ]}

recordDateSchemaElement ----> ${record_date:isEmpty():ifElse('', ', {"name" :"record_date", "type" : ["string","null"]}')}


Another UpdateAttribute that connects from the above processor

completeSchema ---> ${allAttributes("schemaStart", "recordDateSchemaElement","schemaEndTags" ):join(" ")}

Now, your completeSchema will have "record_date" element only if it is NOT empty.

Hope this helps.

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