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Queries related to Cloudera Search 1.0

Queries related to Cloudera Search 1.0

As I came to know about the features of Cloudera Search 1.0. I have few queries related to "Near real-time indexing at ingest via Apache Flume and Apache HBase".
(1) Real-time indexing will be created during data ingestion from source to HDFS via flume or it will be created after storing data into HDFS?

(2) Is it possible to ingest data from source to Apache HBase directly via Apache flume?


Looking forward to reply, thank you.


Re: Queries related to Cloudera Search 1.0

Cloudera Employee



1) Near real time indexing with Flume into Apache Solr is a seperate process from ingesting to HDFS via flume.  In other words, ingesting data into HDFS via flume will not automatically cause that data to be indexed into Solr, you have to set that up seperately.  See documentation here:


2) Yes you can ingest data into Apache HBase via Apache Flume.  This blog post may be helpful for you:

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