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Query Perfomance is Slow or Stuck in Hive LLAP

5 Node cluster(HDP 2.7 and hive 1.2) with hive llap

When I'm running the Queries from Hivellap facing very slow or Stuck.

How to debug the query performance from cluster side.

LLAP Daemon/AM Memory configuration:

LLAP Daemon Container Max Headroom = 12288 MB

LLAP Daemon Heap Size (MB) = 55300 MB

In-Memory Cache per Daemon = 15360 MB

Memory per Daemon = 82944 MB (Max Headroom + Heap Size + Cache)

Slider AM container size = 27648 MB

TEZ Configurations: hive.tez.container.size 4096

Please share yiur query

select * from view

What does the view do? Is your query efficient in the first place? Also, you tried the steps from the debugging guide I mention in the answer section?

@Praveen Atmakuri

Any update on the issue?

Its jus reading the data(small size only 45K rows), yes i used same guide while configuring

Refer this debugging guide for performance-related hiccups on LLAP.

@Praveen Atmakuri

Did the answer help in the resolution of your query? Please close the thread by marking the answer as Accepted!

Thank you Rahul...Its helpful Guide

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