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Query terminator in beeline

New Contributor

Hey folks,


I'm staging an upgrade from CDH 5.16.1 -> 6.3.3 which includes hive 1.1.0 -> 2.1.1. I've noticed that when using the beeline cli from hive 2.1.1, it no longer needs a semicolon to terminate a DML/DDL statement, but instead interprets a newline as the "execute" trigger. We have numerous queries that span multiple lines with newlines in the query string, which we have long been able to paste into beeline. Now it tries to execute each line in isolation, irrespective of any semicolons.


This does not seem to be the case for Hue or the deprecated hive v1 cli with hive 2.1.1, which leads me to believe that it's an issue with the beeline client rather than the hiveserver backend.


Is there are way to revert this back to the old behavior?