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Querying Bigint columns of phoenix table via Hive is not working

Querying Bigint columns of phoenix table via Hive is not working

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We've Apache phoenix table  and created Hive table on top of this via using StorageHandler .Everything is working fine.We can query data using hive and getting correct result, but in one of the case its failing:

1) When we query a column which is defined as Bigint(and have value greater than int) i.e when Bigint column is in where clause then it fails(and same query works in phoenix).

Possible Reason : We checked the hive logs and found out that Hive suffix value of colomn with 'L' which is invalid keyword for phoenix and it fails.

Example Query : select a,b from xtable where b=31240001110981

Hive Logs:


query.PhoenixQueryBuilder: Input query : select  "A","B" from xtable where ("B" = 31240001110981L)

org.apache.hive.service.cli.HiveSQLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.phoenix.exception.PhoenixParserException: ERROR 603 (42P00): Syntax error. Unexpected input. Expecting "RPAREN",


We're using HDP 3.1.0.

We tried to look into hive config and some other references, but couldn't get a solution for this problem.So, if someone faces the same issue and have some suggestion to fix the same, like if there is any Hive config to disabling this conversion?



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