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Querying NiFi queues


Querying NiFi queues

New Contributor

New to NiFi but I have a number of projects where it's going to be very useful. I've prototyped a number of the flows that I'll need but I'm not sure how to do one particular flow.

(Simplified description). A processor will read files from a directory (using GetFile) and perform a number of transformations. One of the transformations will assign an attribute to the Flow File that indicates who the end user is that this file is for. Then this FlowFile will sit in a queue for up to 30 minutes waiting for a user to retrieve it (it should be removed from the queue if the user doesn't retrieve it within 30 minutes)

Finally I need to allow the end user to perform an HTTP Get (using HandleHTTPRequest I'm assuming) that will return a list of the files available for the user in the queue, and then the user can make subsequent HTTP Gets to retrieve the contents of the file from the queue and then remove them from the queue.

Any suggestions on how something like this could be done easily? There's a couple hack-ish ways I can think of doing it but I want it to be as clean as possible.

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