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Querying hive 3 transaction enabled table which is being streamed to


I have a hive 3 transaction enabled table which is being streamed into by NiFi putHive3Streaming processor. 
When I am trying to query (select count(*)) the table it is failing with 

org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException( File does not exist: <HDFS path to manged table>/<partition>/delta<...>/bucket_0000*


I could also observe compaction jobs being run for the table which I believe is the reason for the delta file being deleted but cannot understand why the query is failing.


can we not query a table for which a compaction job is being run ?



I am on HDP- running hive on tez



That is correct.  You should have the compaction events scheduled for an appropriate time when the maintenance will not interrupt queries.


Here is a community search for compaction which will net many educational results:


What should be done in a scenario where there is no possibility of a maintenance window ?


Its is quite contradictory to what the documentation has to say

"All compactions are done in the background and do not prevent concurrent reads and writes of the data.  After a compaction the system waits until all readers of the old files have finished and then removes the old files."