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Question about managing multiple versions of Java alternatives

Question about managing multiple versions of Java alternatives


Hello. I'm installing CFM 1.0.1 on a cluster that is running CDH on OpenJDK 11. As the installations requests, I have installed OpenJDK-1.8.0 on the machines that will be using NiFi and NiFi Registry.

However, upon installing Java-1.8.0, the alternative paths have all switched to Java-1.8.0, which I suspect causing some issues with CM and CDH.


# alternatives --config java

I have used this to set the defaults back to Java 11, however I now see that there are many more alternative paths that are pointing to the Java 8 directory (javac, javah, java_sdk, jre, etc).

Do I need to change all of these to point back to Java 11? I saw nothing about this in the documentation, and it seems that having the whole cluster on Java 8 would be more simple, but I'm a bit far into the installation process to switch now. Cloudera Express works better on Java 8? I see that as of CDH 6.30 Java 11 is supported, so I've been using that.

I would love to be provided with some information on the most pain-free way for me to get NiFi (CFM 1.0.1) to work on my cluster. It's a little confusing to me how things are supposed to be configured.

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