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Queue full error occurs in ListenSyslog

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hello. I'm having a problem with Nifi, so I'm posting a question.
In my Nifi, an error occurs in one node, and there is a problem that the node is disconnected in the cluster

A total of 6 nodes were configured as a cluster with 3 nodes in different datacenters.

The current configuration is collecting network logs through ListenSyslog, ParseCEF, and then sending them to graylog.


It receives an average of 721MB per 5 minutes, but there is a problem that the cluster becomes Disconnected with a Queue Full error occurring on some nodes.

The error message is below.



Communication Failed with Remote Address[null]: java.lang.illegalStateException: Queue full



It says Queue full, but I don't know what kind of queue the error message points to and how to solve it.

My configuration are below.



nifi.administrative.yield.duration=30 sec
# If a component has no work to do (is "bored"), how long should we wait before checking again for work?
nifi.bored.yield.duration=10 millis
nifi.queue.backpressure.size=10 GB

# FlowFile Repository

nifi.provenance.repository.index.shard.size=8 GB
# Indicates the maximum length that a FlowFile attribute can be when retrieving a Provenance Event from
# the repository. If the length of any attribute exceeds this value, it will be truncated when the event is retrieved.

# Volatile Provenance Respository Properties

# Volatile Status History Repository Properties
nifi.components.status.snapshot.frequency=1 min





The servers have specifications of 48 cores (HyperThread enable) and 256GB Memory.
please help me thank you.😭

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