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Quick help regarding the issue..

New Contributor

Hi Team,

I am trying to login to the Nifi soon after restarting the node from Ambari cluster and during that time, I see the following issue saying that "Unexpected error has occurred. Please check the logs for additional details...I am also attaching the snapshot of the error for your reference.....

Please correct me if I am wrong regarding my assumption regarding the error

I am planning to adjust our connection settings in file to 30 sec instead of 5 Secs, so that it will give nodes a little longer to respond to the request before being disconnected by the cluster coordinator..

Please also let me know if they are any consequences if I modify connection settings in file....Please do help me to resolve this issue.hcc.pngnifi-error.png



@Krishna Venkata

There could be a bunch of issues wrong, to investigate further first attache the below file


Nifi usually takes quite sometime before allowing login through the UI, Have you tried waiting a little longer to login?