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Quickstart VM 5.7 errors


Quickstart VM 5.7 errors

New Contributor

I installed the Cloudera Quickstart VM for Linux (running in VirtualBox OS X) 5.7, and when I go to Cloudera Manager, I see all kinds of warnings and errors:


- Request to the Host Monitor Failed

- Request to the Service Monitor Failed

- Internal error while querying the host monitor

- Configuration issue for "Hosts": Memory Overcommit Validation Threshold. 13.6 GB is required, and 13.6 is allocated (2.7 is reserved for the system)

- HDFS: Warning about having only 1 node, and suggested minimum heap size.



I was also trying to use HUE, and I get errors about the current configuration.


Not able to upload and link images to the forum using Chrome. Here are a couple image links:



Are these fatal errors? I want to be able to run some small MapReduce jobs, but wasn't sure if I need to correct these issues above. This is the out of box configuration. The only thing I've changed is increasing the memory available to the guest OS in Virtual Box. IIRC, it was 8 GB and I've increased it in response to the memory error above to 13.6 GB.





Re: Quickstart VM 5.7 errors

Master Collaborator
The error in Hue is likely warning you that Impala daemons are not running,
and as a result the Impala query editor won't work. That won't affect
MapReduce jobs. From your screenshots it looks like Hive did start, though,
which means that as far as CM could tell at the time, YARN and HDFS did
start correctly - and that should be all you need to run some MapReduce

The Host Monitor and Service monitor should be able to run pretty well with
~10 GB of memory - although if you're just running MapReduce jobs I'd stop
everything except ZooKeeper, HDFS and YARN to keep your memory requirements
lean. You may just need to restart them - there's a lot of stuff happening
when you run the script to migrate to CM and it's not uncommon for a couple
of those services to stumble at first - you can find them under "Management
Services" which is shown on the CM home page just below all the other
services. When those are running, CM will start showing the status of all
the other services in color to warn you of any other problems with those
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