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RANGER HA under a VIP (without load balancer)

Hi everyone,


Apache Ranger 2.1 release notes implement a new featrure : [RANGER-2052] - Ranger admin supports high availability


I'm working to find a solution around Apache Ranger High Avaibility with two instances of Ranger (secured with https) under a VIP (F5) but it's not working.


* SSL read: errno -5961 (PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR)
* TCP connection reset by peer
* Closing connection 0
curl: (56) TCP connection reset by peer



If I configure on each instance a haproxy it's working fine but we don't want this design (


So my question is very simple : has anyone succeeded to have just a VIP in front of several Ranger instances without balancer as haproxy or nginx or a simple web server ?



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