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RPG S2S Error


RPG S2S Error

New Contributor

Hi, I've got two questions

1.We are using Remote Process Group with Raw transport protocol to distribute the data across four node cluster. I see the nifi app log has a lot of instance of the below error

o.a.nifi.remote.SocketRemoteSiteListener Unable to communicate with remote instance Peer[url=nifi://] (SocketFlowFileServerProtocol[CommsID=0bf887ed-acb3-4eea-94ac-5abf53ad0bf1]) due to; closing connection

These error do not show on the bulletin board and nor do I see any data loss. I was curious to know if there is some bad configuration that is causing this to happen.

2. The app log also has the below error

o.a.n.r.c.socket.EndpointConnectionPool EndpointConnectionPool[Cluster URL=[]] Peer[url=nifi://] indicates that port 417e3d23-5b1a-1616-9728-9d9d1a462646's destination is full; penalizing peer

The data flow consume a high volume data and there is back pressure on almost all the connections. So probably that is what causing it. I guess there isn't much we can do here and once the back pressure resolve ,the error goes away on its own.Please let me know of your view.