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RUNTIME ERROR, Invalid TimestampValue

New Contributor

We recently upgraded to kudu 1.5 and impala 2.10 on cloudera  CDH 5.13

I am trying to merge data from one table into another table and using left outer join.
pl. note both the tables have the same field types. problem happens when we try to insert  timestamp field of table1  into timestamp filed of table2.  both table 1 and table 2 are kudu tables with external impala tables.
I am running the query from impala.

Half way through the merge I get a error which really does not point me to the  problematic row.
Error seen is
  • Query Status: RUNTIME ERROR, Invalid TimestampValue: -16532:15:03.600000000
I can see the error could be because of some conversion issues, but I  was trying to dig a little deeper into the logs to pin point what  exactly causes this problem
and all I could find was this

Invalid TimestampValue: -16532:15:03.600000000
    @           0x83d85a  impala::Status::Status()
    @           0x8415e2  impala::WriteKuduTimestampValue()
    @           0x842437  impala::WriteKuduValue()
    @           0xce2900  impala::KuduTableSink::Send()
    @           0xa50fc4  impala::FragmentInstanceState::ExecInternal()
    @           0xa543b9  impala::FragmentInstanceState::Exec()
    @           0xa30b38  impala::QueryState::ExecFInstance()
    @           0xbd4722  impala::Thread::SuperviseThread()
    @           0xbd4e84  boost::detail::thread_data<>::run()
    @           0xe6113a  (unknown)
    @     0x7f56b4210dc5  start_thread
    @     0x7f56b3f3dced  __clone
Data set has a few 100 thousand rows of data so It hard to pinpoint manually.
Has anyone encountered this problem earlier. Is there a way to get a more concrete error to pinpoint the problem, or some resources on how to resolve it.

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