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Ranger Create policy - cannot Select root user


we have process which is on the server run as a root and it must be run as a root. Using the other user is not an option. That is opentsdb process which communicate with hbase., it must be run as root.

However if we try to create policy and then in Allow condition to Select user root , we are unable to do that because root user is not possible to be selected.

Again please do not suggest usage of some other user except of root user because we must use root user. Because of this we are getting Denied access for our root user because we cannot create policy for it.

How root user can be selected in any hbase or hdfs policy?



Re: Ranger Create policy - cannot Select root user



To be able to apply a Ranger policy the user MUST exist in the /etc/passwd basically that's the list that Ranger pulls. For now I don't see the workaround out there should be some Linux freaks that can help on the HDP side I have hit a dead end!