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Ranger HDFS Plugin


I enable the Ranger plugin for HDFS, but a Policy does not show up in Ranger. Are there any logs that I can look at to see why this is happening or is it a known issue?



Hi @David Williamson

There's no known issue that I'm aware of. When you install the plugin, you'll likely need to restart any affected services and then also it is a good idea to refresh the Ranger UI (sometimes just logging out/in isn't good enough, try the CTL+SHIFT+R browser refresh).

I have restarted all services and refreshed the browser. I even turned on the YARN plugin and that showed up just fine in Ranger.


Hi @David Williamson

That is odd, the only time i've seen it is a browser refresh issue like I mentioned. As far as logs go, on the Ranger Admin server you can check /var/log/ranger/admin/xa_portal.log and see if any errors are in there.

I uninstalled the plugin and ranger. Then, reinstalled on a different node. Now everything is working.

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