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Ranger LDAP Admin UI vs Usersync



I've configured usersync with LDAP (IPA backend) successfully and also LDAP for the Admin UI.

What I want to achieve:

  • All the users from the cluster are sync with usersync.
  • Admin group can login to Ranger Admin and create rules
  • Auditer can login to Ranger and see only the Audit tabs
  • Standard user cannot login to Ranger Admin UI.

Current state:

  • Usersync is OK
  • Admin group is OK
  • Auditer can login OK
  • Standard user CAN login to Ranger Admin and see only "Resource Based Policies" and "Reports" KO

I've tried to filter users who can login to Ranger Admin via LDAP: ranger.ldap.user.searchfilter: (&(uid={0})(memberOf=cn=my_admin_team,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com)) but this does not work.

I've also tried to remove the users from the permissions (Settings -> Permissions -> Resource Based Policies) as explained here: but after restarting the Ranger service, all users are back. Looks like the permission is not persisted, or is overriden by the service restart.
Note that this standard user can delete policies of other users.


  • Can we filter which users/groups can login to Ranger Admin UI without changing the permissions (Settings -> Permissions) but only with the properties in Ambari (Ranger -> Config -> Advanced -> LDAP settings ?
  • Is is a limitation with that version of Ranger?
  • How can we remove the default matching for every user with permissions in "Resource Based Policies" and "Reports"

HDP 2.6.5, ranger 0.7 from HDP 2.6.5



I found the response of my last question. The default matching is hardcoded in java:
Latest version of Ranger have the same hardcoded matching.

As LDAP is centralized tool. Once you integrate it in Ambari, every user in LDAP groups (which is integrated) will be able to login to UI. But they cannot see any created policies. If you provide permissions to them to create the policy in Ranger Admin UI then only they will be able to see the policies but otherwise after login, it will not show anything.



Hi Shashi,

Unfortunately this is not completely true. A "normal" user can login to Ranger Admin UI and have by default the "Resource Based Policies" and "Reports" permissions. With the Resource Based Policies, this user can modify and delete already existing policies owned by other users / admins.
When I remove the Resource Based Policies permissions for that user, the user can see now only the "reports". However after restarting the entire Ranger services (Ranger admin, usersync, tagsync), the default permissions are applied again and the user can have access back to the Resource Based Policies.
I want to ensure that none-Admin user cannot modified the policies.


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