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Ranger solr plugin related questions

New Contributor

Goal is to enable Ranger Solr Plugin and I am facing many issues afterwards.

It looks like I need to enable solr authentication/authorization in order to enable solr plugin.

Questions are:


1. Is there way to enable solr plugin and get audit info from Ranger with just authorization enabled and authentication disabled? (I have no choice but to use solr basic authentication. We do not have choice to use any other. I tried "blockUnkown": false in security.json file, and didn't work. Details on what didn't work are in question 2 and 3.)


2. Reason why I ask 1st question is because after enabling solr plugin with authentication/authorization enabled, other plugins (e.g. Atlas, Impala, Hbase etc.) are unable to communicate with solr and audit info is not shown in Ranger due to not authorized. I did manage to get Hive plugin fetch audit from Solr by adding basic auth info to HiveServer2 as suggested in the link:

BUT, this means I need to do it for all the other services' plugins which I want to avoid if possible or find easier way to make them work.


3. Another issue is that after enabling authentication/authorization to Solr, Hue's "Indexes" menu is getting 401 unauthorized to Solr server and Hue is unable to get collections information from Solr. I tried looking for ways to add solr basic auth info in Hue config similarily to what I did with HiveServer2, but I seem to have trouble finding the ways to do it.


Your feedback and help will be greatly appreciated.

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