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Ranger support for HDI cluster


As per the following link, it is nice to see Ranger version 0.7.0 is supported with HDI 3.6. However, I would like to know if all of the ranger functionality/features supported with the latest HDI regardless of the underline storage selected for the cluster? Can someone list out any Ranger limitations that we may run into if we choose to have HDI 3.6 with VHDs/WASB/ADLS?



Yes. I am interested in RBAC on Hive Tables when HDI cluster is using ADLS/WASB for storage. Is that possible?


to be specific .. I would like to have ranger policies that can control Hive database, table, column level and also row-level policy when the data is stored on ADLS or WASB.

yes, that functionality is available.


@vperiasamy Thanks. A follow-up question on HDFS RBACs via Ranger if the data is stored on one of the cloud-stroage platforms like ADLS/WASB/S3A etc... my research shows that we can't control access to the files via ranger. Can you please share your thoughts on this as well?

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