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Ranger user-sync is not happening even after restarting the service


We added a new user in our AD and Ranger is not syncing it at all. What could be the potential reason? I ambari-synced the user and the user is now reflected in Ambari users.... but the same user is not visible in Ranger for giving permissions. It has been more than 2 days and the sync has not happened. What should I do? How do I make it see?



Hi Sarnath,

We have faced the same kind of issue for groups, please check with your AD team and cross check Distinguished name "CN=User1, CN=Users, DC=Contoso, DC=com" details for this user and compare with existing user.

this is the one of the possible chance.


Ah! Thanks for the input. I will definitely check with them.... Our IDs are numeric and so I see that it is covering some users and is advancing... I hope it will catch up. If not, I will ask the AD admin to check this out. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

@Sarnath K

Can you share what is happening in the ranger user sync logs once you manually retstart ranger?


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