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Read Teradata tables from Impala


Read Teradata tables from Impala

New Contributor

Hi Team,


As part of our project requirement, we have to execute query on top heterogeneous database (Teradata and Hive).


We were planning to use Apache Drill to execute the queries but ruled out this option as Drill is open source and no Hadoop distribution provides support to Drill.


Is there is any option/way to connect to Teradata and Hive tables from Impala and execute sql queries on top of both the databases (like apache Drill)?


Thanks in Advance for your time and help !!!


Re: Read Teradata tables from Impala

Impala and Hive share the same metadata info, so whatever tables in Hive, you can access in Impala.

In terms of data in Teradata, you will have to import them into HDFS/Hive using Sqoop and then use Impala to query it.

You can't connect Impala to Teradata directly.
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