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Record Service with Apache Sentry not starting/working

Record Service with Apache Sentry not starting/working

New Contributor

Hi everybody, 


I have installed the beta version 0.3 of Record Service in my cluster CDH 5.13 as a parcel. 


However, I've got problems to start the service. Neither the Record Service Planner nor the Record Service workers started. The error that appears in the logs /var/log/recordserviced/ is the following:



I have looked at other logs such as the sentry server logs and hive server logs and none of them show any errors. I guessed the problem had to do with any permission in the Sentry database but I'm not sure..


I tested the Hive Server with Sentry permissions and it is working perfectly. Also, HDFS Acls permissions with Sentry and dropped the sentry database and created database and tables all over again but it isnt working so I am a bit confused about the root of this problem. 


The "recordservice" was added to the and sentry.service.allow.connect properties in the Sentry service. To specify more, the Sentry service is NOT in testing mode and my cluster is securized with Mit Kerberos. 


Any help would be apreciated!!


Thanks so much in advance!! ^^