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Recovery Nifi Registry from Git


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to restore a git file on Nifi and I'm getting the error

2020-05-12 16: 18: 59,872 INFO [NiFi Registry Web Server-19] oanrwmIllegalStateExceptionMapper java.lang.IllegalStateException: access tokens are issued only over HTTPS. Returning conflict response. 2020-05-12 16: 21: 36,024 INFO [NiFi Registry Web Server-43] oanrwmIllegalStateExceptionMapper java.lang.IllegalStateException: a bucket with the same name already exists. Returning conflict response.

I will be forever grateful if anyone can help me


New Contributor

I have exactly same issue. nifi registry and github integration worked for me few hours later it started giving this error, its no more syncing with github. My nifi is running on http protocol is it the root cause?


Appreciate if any resolutions thanks.

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