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Regarding Issue in configuring sentry roles through hue

Regarding Issue in configuring sentry roles through hue

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I am using CDH 5.4.0. The sentry roles that I configure through hue is not properly getting reflected. Sometimes it is happening and sometimes it is not happening. Sometimes visually proper roles and permissions are getting listed in hue. But some wrong access patterns worked with the rules that I configured through hue. When I checked the same roles through beeline, I am able to see some other permissions and that was causing the issue. This happened to me several times in different clusters. Because of this issue, I stopped using hue for setting up sentry roles and privileges. I am accessing beeline and hue using the same user.


Another issue I found in hue is that I am not able to navigate to the security tab directly after the login. For this to happen, we have to navigate to some other page and then choose the security tab. I am using Google Chrome browser.


I tagged a wrong label, because label for CDH 5.4.0 is  not available.


Amal G Jose


Re: Regarding Issue in configuring sentry roles through hue

Could you clarify what it the problem with the UI?

Hue just list the roles and privileges directly from the Sentry service.
Are you missing some roles, group mapping or privileges?

About the second part Hue's landing page is the home. If you want to land
on the Sentry table tab you would need to bookmark it.