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Reindexing functionality in Atlas

Reindexing functionality in Atlas

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Our Atlas setup uses an external solrcloud(not the solr setup that comes with HDP). To support our requirements, we made some changes to solr config(ex: add EdgeNgramFilterFactory)

To reindex the data in solr every time - we drop the existing collections(fulltext_index,vertex_index,edge_index), drop hbase table(atlas_janus), create the collections again and run script to import data from hive to hbase which creates the index in solr again.

Is there any other way to achieve this by not dropping the hbase table and reimporting data to hbase again ?




Re: Reindexing functionality in Atlas

Expert Contributor

Yes, Possible to repair SOLR indexes from Atlas hbase tables. but its bit slow.

Please refer to this documentation

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