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Repetitive column in hbase mapped to single column set in Hive


In my hbase table for eg if table is key , CF (column family) and CF has columns created as a1,b1,c1,a2,b2,c2


Key         CF:a1, CF:b1,CF:c1,CF:a2,CF:b2,CF:c2

xyz             1           1        1        2         2         2


I want to create a table in Hive which would look like (no uniqueness on Key)

Table - HB_TABLE

Key   ColA  ColB  ColC

xyz       1        1       1

xyz       2         2       2


Best case scenario would be a table

Key   SEQ ColA  ColB  ColC

xyz       1      1        1       1

xyz       2      2         2       2



Any way of doing it?? Current Hbase table has millions of records currently.


Thanks and Regards,