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Replacing GetFile with GetKafka.

Replacing GetFile with GetKafka.

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In continuation to a question I asked last week…

Right now my (junior) team and I have a NiFi processor that is to filter various file typess based on their endings.

At Present...

  • We understand how to get/set information from a GetFile/PutFile Processor (as placeholders for a REST Service).
  • We understand (or do we?) basic producer and consumer topic configuration.
  • IE. we can push random strings into our kafka producer (named 'test') and watch it pop out of our consumer (also named 'test') through NiFi.

  • Core to the Current Issue: How to configure Kafka to ingest varieties of files into our architecture is unknown.
  • Some of us believe we may need to go into NiFi's GetKafka (API | Git) or ConsumeKafka (API | Git) backend and modify it (with code akin to GetFile) into a custom Kafka processor.

    To the Questions:

    • Would this truly be necessary and recommended? Or are we missing something?
    • Knowing that, in the long run, we'll be pulling from a REST into Kafka for a reason…my instincts question if modding GetKafka to reflect GetFile is what we're really after.
    • I may be wrong. Said instincts are still junior.

  • If customization via Java is recommended, where to start, given the APIs linked above?
    • What about our Kafka Configuration?
    • I'm not a SME on Kafka, but I'd also suspect that the configuration process of a producer topic(s) may also be involved in defining file ingestion locations/listeners. Then we'd somehow use the GetKafka processor that's already there to listen in to something…somewhere?
    • I may be wrong.

    I seek solution consultation. Thank you. Below is the NiFi Scenario.


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    Re: Replacing GetFile with GetKafka.

    Taking NiFi out of the picture for a second, can you clarify what you want to achieve?

    You want to receive data over a REST service, make some decisions/transformations, and then send that data to a Kafka topic?

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