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Replication of two secured clusters using Falcon

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I have two secured clusters. Lets say cluster A and B, HDP 2.5 both. Cluster A and cluster B have their own MIT local KDC but are connect by one-way-trust to the same AD. I would like cluster B to be replication of cluster A. Questions:

1. Do I need both of the clusters to have the same local MIT KDC? Because now when I generate keytab on cluster A I cant list HDFS on cluster B using "hadoop fs -Dfs.defaultFS=hdfs://ClusterB:8020 -ls /". No matter whether it is local MIT KDC user or AD.

2. Does Falcon replicate also cluster configuration? I would like to have two identical clusters.

Thank you in advance


When I try to create cluster B using Falcon Web UI I obtain the following error:


It is because ticket generated for user on cluster A cannot be used on Cluster B. Any ideas how to workaround this?