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Repository Integration

Repository Integration

New Contributor

This is probably more of a complaint than a question, but if any of you have practical advice, I'm all ears.


We use SVN and are having difficulty getting users to commit code back up to the repository in the CDSW environment. Why? Presumably because its so easy to just make a change to code files and then exit without committing. In Windows, if I make changes in my local repository, I immediately see the file icons change indicating a status as uncommited, in conflict, etc. 


In CDSW, it seems Git is more supported than SVN, but I still can't find any documentation that suggests the process is any easier/more integrated into the gui.


Currently, the options for committing seem to be:


1. Open the terminal and type into the cli (some people won't get over the hurdle of remembering what they need to type to do this)

2. Use ! and keep the terminal commands inside of the Python script in a commented out section (people will probably forget to copy the code over to new files/projects)

3. Creating our own unique sophisticated code modules that somehow work to sync/commit code every time something is run? (My ideas are vague here, but maybe seems possible?)


Or, people will just use CDSW's save and forget to commit their code because they are human. Any ideas?