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Rerun only failed Oozie coordinator jobs in a time period


Hi all,

I'm looking into the rerun functionality within Oozie coordinators, as per the documentation snippet below I know you can rerun all jobs within an oozie coordinator between a certain time frame or for certain actions.

$oozie job -rerun <coord_Job_id> [-nocleanup] [-refresh]
[-action 1, 3-4, 7-40] (-action or -date is required to rerun.)
[-date 2009-01-01T01:00Z::2009-05-31T23:59Z, 2009-11-10T01:00Z, 2009-12-31T22:00Z]
(if neither -action nor -date is given, the exception will be thrown.)

Either -action or -date should be given.If -action and -date both are given, an error will be thrown.Multiple ranges can be used in -action or -date. See the above examples.If one of action in the given list of -action does not exist or not in terminal state, the rerun throws an error.The dates specified in -date must be UTC.Single date specified in -date must be able to find an action with matched nominal time to be effective.If -nocleanup is given, coordinator directories will not be removed; otherwise the 'output-event' will be deleted.If -refresh is set, new dataset is re-evaluated for latest() and future().If -refresh is set, all dependencies will be re-checked; otherwise only missed dependencies will be checked.

My question is can you specify that in that time frame you would only like to rerun jobs that have a status of KILLED or FAILED, otherwise it is ignored e.g. SUCCEEDED. Is this a functionality that exists or will I have to write something up in a shell script to retrieve these failed jobs ID's and then rerun them?

Any help provided is much appreciated,