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Reserved resources for heavy applications in YARN

Reserved resources for heavy applications in YARN

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Yarn Experts, Can we reserve containers for an application on YARN using capacity scheduler?

e.g. Consider below scenario

1. I have 2 queues configured viz. A and B

2. For Queue A, I have 40% allocated capacity and maximum allocation is set to 100%.

3. For Queue B, I have 60% allocated capacity and Max is set to 80%

4. I have submitted heavy job in queue A

5. When I did step 4, queue B was all empty ( no jobs were running )

6. Because of elasticity feature, RM will allocate resources from queue B to queue A as max allocation for A is set to 100% and B queue is empty

7. Now user submitted job in queue B which was empty before

8. RM will inform AM to free up resources from queue A and to do so, pre-emption will happen.

To reduce pre-emption:

I can reduce maximum allocation to lower value like 50% or increase allocated capacity

To disable pre-emption:

I can disable it from yarn configs however then for above situation, job in queue B will starve until heavy job in queue A gets completed.

Third option I can think of is:

To reserve x amount of containers for an application so that it will always get those reserved resources and pre-emption will never happen. is it possible at all? if Yes, how to do that.

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong, any other approach is appreciated.


Re: Reserved resources for heavy applications in YARN


If it is 2 queues, you can already achieve that with your maximum allocation. If your Queue A max allocation is 80% and you have only 2 queues, then you are already reserving 20% for Queue B.

But if you have more than two queues, this is not possible. Is there a reason why you don't want to use pre-emption in that case? We had a case where there are certain type of jobs that does not work well under preemption (long running jobs). In that case, we ended up using allocated and maximum to same % for that queue, but leave preemption on across the cluster. This would mean, jobs in that queue are not preempted but jobs in other queues can be preempted.


Re: Reserved resources for heavy applications in YARN

Actually there is not really a difference between simply not setting max capacity higher than allocated capacity.

If you want to have two queues that take resources from each other but you want to have a third queue that should have a guaranteed set you could use nested queues

A_GUARANTEED = allocated 30% Max 100%

B_EVERYTHINGELSE = allocated 70% MAX 70%

B_EVERYTHINGELSE.queue1 = allocated 50% max 100%

B_EVERYTHINGELSE.queue2 = allocated 50% max 100%

Unless I am completely mistaken you then have the desired result 30% of the cluster will always be reserved for queue A and the other queues fight it out for the remaining 70%

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