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Resource Manager ends up in infinite loop making container reservations

New Contributor

I'm running CDH 5.11.1 with the FairScheduler and preemption enabled.


When the cluster is fully utilized (no free vcores) the resource manager will often end up an infinite loop that looks like this.


2017-06-21 14:09:04,752 INFO org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.scheduler.fair.FSSchedulerNode: Updated reserved container container_1498049738482_0045_01_80455566 on node host: <HOSTNAME>:33692 #containers=40 available=96018 used=142208 for application application_1498049738482_0045                                                            2017-06-21 14:09:04,752 INFO org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.scheduler.fair.FSAppAttempt: Making reservation: node=<HOSTNAME> app_id=application_1498049738482_0045


And by infinite loop, I mean it tries to reserve a container on the same node for the same application 30 times PER MILLISECOND until I restart the RM.  This looks a whole lot like YARN-4477 (, but that fix was backported to CDH 5.11.1


Anyone else seen this?  Thanks!


We just got hit with this this morning, I'm raising a ticket with Cloudera.

Out of curiosity, did you ever see negative numbers for Reserved Memory? At one point I saw Reserved Memory as "-1.20 PB" which is pretty aggressive.

New Contributor

Never saw negative memory, but that particular cluster was vcore rather than memory constrained.  We ended up switching to Capacity Scheduler pretty easily with good results, fwiw.


See attachment - we don't have 1.4 billion cores but it sure did try to reserve that many.


Followup: We're being advised to roll back to 5.11.0

New Contributor

We also encountered this error after upgrading to CDH 5.11.1 and had to roll-back consequently.


Does this bug mean that CDH 5.11.1 is an inherently broken release?

A statement from Cloudera would be great.

New Contributor
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